what is Urbane Brokerage?

Urbane Brokerage is a licensed real estate brokerage firm led by its founding partners, Nelson M. Cabassa and Brooke Baker. Nelson and Brooke collaboratively represent over 20 years of senior leadership experience in the New York City Real Estate market.  Their scope of work both in Residential and Commercial Sales and Leasing span over five boroughs.   

The company model is one that is rooted in partnership through robust clientele consultations.  Strong client relations are cultivated with attentiveness, quality initiatives, ability to flex, and a hands-on approach towards achieving project goals and managing the bottom line.

The firm has partnered with clients on core branding, property redevelopment, leasing, and sales that have significantly raised the NOI annually, while lowering vacancy rates, and mitigating risk factors.

Urbane talent has accomplished remarkable success with a skilled on-the-ground practice to the cyclical trends in the market place.  Real time reporting coupled with sound statistical analytics allows for a greater understanding and approach to every nuance of each unique deal. 

Urbane Brokerage prides themselves in fostering relationships that grow organically, and providing a premium service engrained in quality. Urbane Brokerage believes that loyalty is a product of competency. With our many relationships throughout the industry there are none more important than those we have earned. We look forward to growing with you! 

Our Team