To say that NYC rental apartments rent quickly would be an understatement. It is important for the renter to first identify their needs in terms of budget and location and secondly to be prepared to act as soon as they locate the unit of choice. At Urbane we work diligently to demystify the process so that we are ready to lease your unit. That begins by preparing you for the process ahead. The process of finding a home in NYC does not have to be a complicated one for those that take the time to prepare. 

Although every landlord has different requirements there are standards that almost all of them follow. The typical standard required income is 40 times the monthly rent in annualized total compensation, and positive credit history. If either of these are not in place most landlords will look for some method to mitigate the perceived risk. They will ask for a Guarantor. This can be someone who has positive United States credit hostory, US residence and earns 80 times the monthly rent in annualized income. If a guarantor is not possible the landlord may ask for some measure of upfront money to offset the risk factor. How much would depend on your total financial profile.

Take a minute to review the Standard Requirment section to view the typical requirements more in depth. Be sure to speak with your agent to ensure that you understand the specific requirements of the landlord from whom you will lease.