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My first experience with Brooke was when I was searching for an apartment for myself. She showed such professionalism and class, never mind the one-on-one attention to ensure she met all of my apartment needs, that I had to employ her to rent out all the apartments I manage for Kalimian Equities. She always brings the most qualified tenants to the table. There is no other Broker that I would entrust for my personal and professional needs when it comes to getting my apartments rented.

November 2018 by Patricia Perugini , My first experience , Manhattan

I do not live in NYC, but was tasked with finding an apartment in Manhattan for three young ladies, only one of whom is my own daughter. The others are her fellow NYU students. My husband was to be the sole guarantor for the apartment, not an easy task in NYC. Oh, and each of the young ladies wanted their own room. (Stop laughing. I know - Who gets their own room in Manhattan?) Brooke did an amazing job finding us an apartment within our budget and helping me get together all of the materials to prove my husband''s creditworthiness. She basically ''held my hand'' (and laughed at all my bad jokes) over the airwaves. Oh, and somehow, she found us a three bedroom, one bath apartment in Manhattan with a doorman, laundry IN THE UNIT, gym in the building and rooftop deck all within our price range. While the price may have seemed steep, for all those NYU students out there, it was no more expensive than the monthly room rate one would pay for a dorm single dorm room. I would recommend using a realtor to any parent looking for an apartment for their children/students, and most of all, I would strongly recommend that they use Brooke Baker. Bravo to Brooke!

November 2018 by HEATHER MACKAY , Bravo , Manhattan

Brooke Baker and Mike DeMaio did a terrific job listening to us talk about what we thought we wanted/needed. In one morning we were able to see a variety of rentals all of which could have worked and selected a favorite. The application and qualification process was super easy. The process was not the least bit stressful, and ended up being a lot of fun. I would highly recommend Brooke to any of my friends.

November 2018 by LAUREN STACK , Stress , Manhattan

I was very impressed with the professionalism and efficiency displayed by Brooke Baker. I will certainly be referring to her for future moves and recommending her to my friends.

November 2018 by ALEXA GORDON , Professionalism , Manhattan

Brooke did an amazing job with this apartment. They were sure to keep me informed of any updates and jumped on the opportunity once the apartment opened up. People were lining up to see the place, but they got the job done for me! Thank you guys!

November 2018 by Amanda Hudson , Getting the job done! , Manhattan

Suddenly facing being homeless, I got Brooke on the phone and within 2 days had 4 suitable apartments to choose from. I felt very safe and taken care of through the whole process. Brooke listened to all my stories about the crazy roommate I was fleeing from and made sure my application was accepted at the apartment of my choice.
I feel like I could not have survived this without them and I am thankfully picking up my keys today.

November 2018 by CAMILLA AURVIG , Listening , Manhattan

Brooke Baker has been fantastic throughout the whole process. They were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and communicative. It was a real pleasure to work with them.

November 2018 by KEVIN GATELY , Knowledge , Manhattan

Brooke Baker was the broker I used to find a studio apartment near Greenwich village. She did a great job.

November 2018 by Zoe Moss , Great job , Manhattan

After renting an apartment for a decade, I decided it was time to invest in property....still as a potential first time homeowner, the entire process of looking to invest and own property was initially an overwhelming and confusing one. Meeting and working with Nelson quickly dissuaded all of my anxieties! Not only did he make himself readily available, over phone, email and in person, but he also ensured that I was comfortable and fully aware of the process, the progress and where we stood in the purchase process. He was there from start to finish, answering ALL questions I had, and even anticipating some that I had not thought of. Patiently working around my hectic work schedule, and even visiting my office to process paperwork. It was a kind of dedicated and individualized attention that is largely unprecedented, and for which I am truly grateful. Nelson recommended stellar vendors for financing, insurance and legal needs for the purchase, and in addition to that assured with these vendors that I would get the best treatments/offers possible. Through the Co-Op application process and Board interview prep, he consistently and patiently checked up on me, to make sure the application was a success! I have found the starter home of my dreams and can say, I AM A HOMEOWNER!!! - Without a shred of doubt this would not have been possible without Nelson! He is truly a wonderful asset! I look forward to working with him in the future for other homes (!), and would gladly recommend him and his services to anyone else I know.

November 2018 by JULIA GUTIERREZ , It is time to invest , Manhattan

Great experience overall! My roommate and I worked directly with Nelson Cabassa, and could not have been happier. Professional, intelligent, and no-nonsense. Keep up the great work.

November 2018 by ANTRANIG BOGHOSIAN , A great experience , Manhattan